• Sleeps: 6
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 1.0
  • Pets: Not Allowed
  • Check-in: After 4:00 pm
  • Check-out: Before 11:00 am
Sleeps: 6
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 1.0
Pets: Not Allowed
Check-in: After 4:00 pm
Check-out: Before 11:00 am
OBO Amenities: Boat Ramp < 1 Mile, Boat Ramp < 5 Miles, Fire Pit, Grill, Kayaks\Canoes Included, Outdoor Cooking Area, Outdoor Living Area, Private Dock\Pier, Public Lands\Waters < 1Mile
Everyday Living: 24 Hour Check-In, Air Conditioning, CO2 Detector, Coffee Maker, Fire Pit, First Aid Kit, Full Kitchen, Heat, Linens, Smoke Alarm, Towels, TV, Washer\Dryer, Wifi
Coinjock, NC

Waterview Cottage

The Waterview Cottage in Coinjock is far enough from the tourist crowds on the Outer Banks to experience a peaceful retreat, but close enough to visit the beaches of OBX or Elizabeth City for a fun day trip. Enjoy the stunning sunrise over the Currituck Sound from your bed, the sofa, or the private dock!

This 1945 bungalow was recently completely gutted and restored. Every effort was made to retain original elements of the house while incorporating eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Thoughtful attention to detail has been given to the space, to combine the charm and character of the house with modern style. Two bedrooms feature queen beds and the sofa folds out to another queen. A fully stocked kitchen seats 4 at the breakfast bar, and the dining room has seating for another 4. A third bedroom upstairs has 2 twin beds.

Hi-speed wifi, local cable TV, and Netflix/Hulu streaming are provided, as well as laundry facilities and toiletries.

The private dock across the street is only a year old. There is a firepit in the backyard and wood for sale by the next door neighbor. A public access boat launch is 5 minutes away.

Coinjock, NC, offers a variety of excellent fishing opportunities, with its unique advantages and diverse spots for anglers to explore. The Coinjock Canal stands out as a favorite location due to its fishability even in windy conditions. The convenience of launching your boat at the nearby ramp and the ability to troll effectively in the canal make it an attractive choice. Fishing along drop-offs and ledges while following the underwater contours proves to be successful, with a preference for stretch baits and Rattle Traps. However, the presence of stumps along the banks can pose a challenge. One popular stretch of bank is from the ramp to the first house, which often draws local anglers. Beyond that, there are other promising locations, including the area in front of the restaurant and the bridge itself, where concrete pilings provide additional structure. Stump fields dominate the landscape once you clear the bridge, requiring careful boat positioning to navigate safely. Despite the challenges, the rewards of fishing in Coinjock, NC, make it a worthwhile endeavor, with some of the best catches coming from this area.
In terms of what’s biting, the offshore fishing scene offers a mix of results, with boats out of Oregon Inlet and Pirates Cove reporting good catches of yellowfin tuna and king mackerel. Conversely, the boats out of Hatteras have not fared as well. Commercial boats are pursuing a substantial school of blackfin tuna. Along the beaches and piers, drum fishing takes the spotlight once again, with anglers reeling in numerous pups and a solid number of bull red drum. Fresh cut mullet remains the preferred bait, although fresh shrimp on bottom rigs has also yielded success in the surf. The larger bull reds are present farther offshore but still accessible to skilled casters. Locally, striper fishing is on the rise, with the sound bridge near Edenton and the Pasquotank River showing promise, particularly with the use of stretch baits and umbrella rigs. Crappie fishing is gaining traction, with good numbers found in creeks and main river breaks at depths of about 10 feet. Overall, Coinjock and its surrounding waters offer a diverse range of fishing opportunities, from the canal’s sheltered waters to offshore adventures and productive spots for various species.

Public Lands
Currituck National Wildlife Refuge: Located approximately 15 miles northeast of Coinjock, is a refuge that offers hunting opportunities for waterfowl, white-tailed deer, and other small game. Currituck Sound holds a special place in Atlantic Flyway lore for avid waterfowlers. Rich waterfowling traditions and huge flights of ducks have characterized this area of the North Carolina coast for centuries. Many of the duck hunting opportunities, however, are private. Fortunately, hunters can experience this traditional hotspot through two public hunts, a general waterfowl hunt and a youth waterfowl hunt, held at Currituck National Wildlife Refuge. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission issues both hunts by lottery. Hunters are assigned blinds located on open water at the edge of the marsh. They are accessible only by boat, which must be able to negotiate shallow water. Deer hunting also is popular at the refuge, and feral hog hunting is permitted in conjunction with the deer hunt. With its scenic vistas and abundant wildlife, Currituck NWR is also paradise for photographers. Capture stunning shots of waterfowl in flight, deer grazing in the marshes, and the ever-changing coastal landscapes.
The Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge situated to the southwest of Coinjock, contains some of the most important wildlife habitat in the mid-Atlantic region. At near 113,000 acres, the refuge is the largest intact remnant of a vast swamp that once covered more than one million acres.
Kayaking and Paddling.

With an abundance of waterways in the region, paddlers have a wealth of options to explore. While Currituck County offers ample water access, neighboring Albemarle County boasts a well-defined kayak trail system for paddling enthusiasts. The Albemarle Regional Paddle Trail presents a diverse array of paddling opportunities in northeastern North Carolina, featuring marked trails and convenient camping platforms.

Explore a network of captivating paddling destinations near Coinjock, NC, all part of the Albemarle Regional Paddle Trail. Bennett’s Creek to the east offers picturesque day trips amidst natural beauty. Catherine and Warwick Creeks to the northeast provide tranquil waters against coastal landscapes. The interconnected waterways of Pembroke Creek, Queen Anne Creek, Trestle House, and Cape Colony create a serene network to the east. Venture northeast to Yeopim Creek and Yeopim River, renowned for scenic beauty and potential wildlife encounters. Eastward, the Perquimans River and its associated creeks cater to various skill levels. For a southeast paddle, the Pasquotank River and Sawyers Creek offer tranquil waters amid coastal ecosystems. Nearby, the Dismal Swamp Canal presents a unique historic experience, and closer to Coinjock, the Currituck Rural Center and Currituck Sound invite leisurely exploration while paddling.

These paddling destinations are integral parts of the Albemarle Regional Paddle Trail, each offering its unique charm and experiences. Whether you seek the serenity of calm creeks, the adventure of river exploration, or a journey through historic canals, the region provides a diverse range of paddling opportunities to suit your preferences.

Waterfowl Hunting
The Currituck Sound in North Carolina offers a waterfowl hunting environment like no other. As a vital stopover along the Atlantic flyway, this region hosts a diverse array of waterfowl species during the winter months, making it a prime destination for avid hunters. From pintails to canvasbacks and redheads, hunters flock here for the chance to bag these coveted drakes. With over 800 stake and marsh blinds, each boasting a unique history and name, the Currituck Sound is steeped in waterfowling tradition.

While the area’s rich waterfowl opportunities are tempting, the unpredictable and harsh conditions, especially during arctic cold spells, can pose challenges for DIY hunters. The biting cold and strong winds demand extensive preparation, including the use of chemical heat packs to combat freezing temperatures. Additionally, the Currituck’s intricate blind licensing system can be complex to navigate for out-of-town hunters, making guided expeditions a more practical choice. However, with expert guidance, hunters can experience thrilling moments, like the chance to decoy pintails perfectly close and right out front, fulfilling their dreams of bagging these majestic birds. The Currituck Sound, with its blend of tradition, natural beauty, and waterfowl diversity, promises unforgettable waterfowl hunting experiences for those willing to embrace its challenges.


OBO Amenities

Boat Ramp < 1 Mile Boat Ramp < 1 Mile
Boat Ramp < 5 Miles Boat Ramp < 5 Miles
Fire Pit Fire Pit
Grill Grill
Kayaks\Canoes Included Kayaks\Canoes Included
Outdoor Cooking Area Outdoor Cooking Area
Outdoor Living Area Outdoor Living Area
Private Dock\Pier Private Dock\Pier
Public Lands\Waters < 1Mile Public Lands\Waters < 1Mile


24 Hour Check-In, Air Conditioning, CO2 Detector, Coffee Maker, Fire Pit, First Aid Kit, Full Kitchen, Heat, Linens, Smoke Alarm, Towels, TV, Washer\Dryer, Wifi

Things to Do

  • Amberjack
  • Catfish
  • Fishing
  • Flounder
  • Grouper
  • Hunting
  • Kayaking
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Mahi Mahi
  • Marlin

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