What Is OBO?

Outdoors by Owner is the first Short-Term Rental Platform designed to get renters into the great outdoors! We provide location specific information on fishing, hunting, and other outdoor opportunities, and challenge our Owners to focus on the same. We’re your one-stop-shop when planning an outdoors getaway.

What are OBO’s Location, Pursuit, Species, and Experience Searches?

Location– Know you are headed to Apalachicola Florida? Well, use location search to see where you can stay?

Pursuit Search– We have created our “Pursuit” search filter to help you figure out where to go, regardless of what you want to do. Interested in hiking? Check out every listing that is tagged for hiking. Our pursuits include everything from Stargazing to Fly-Fishing. 

Species Search– Looking to catch redfish? Maybe you’re down to your last few waterfowl species for a waterfowl grand slam? Use our “Species” search to target your target!

Experience Search– Want to know about the outdoor activities in the Florida Keys, the North Georgia Mountains, or on a particular river? Check out our “Experiences,” where we rely on our experts to editorialize the outdoors and tell you exactly what you can do!

What is the OBO Rentsafe Guaranty?

OBO’s Rentsafe Guarantee is comprehensive protection for OBO Renters and is included for free with every booking. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong during your trip, we’ll do our best to make sure you still have a great experience.  It includes making sure that our Renters receive the type of Accommodation that they book, and making sure the Accommodation is safe and that it functions as advertised. If it doesn’t (or if the owner cancels) we’ll work with you to make it right.

Why does OBO Charge a Service Fee?

We’ve put thousands of hours into building the best STR platform for outdoorsmen! Our service fees go towards things like continued development, research and unparalleled customer service. And we’re just getting started. Our promise to you is that our fees will always be transparent and that we’ll continue to invest in making OBO simple, reliable, and the preferred method to book your next trip!

What Type of Payments does OBO Accept?

OBO utilizes Stripe and Paypal to process payments. Those platforms accept many forms of payment, including all common credit and debit cards. Owners receive Payouts through Stripe, which can connect to Owner bank accounts.

When do Renters have to pay and when are Owners paid?

Renters pay at the time of Booking and OBO initiates Payouts to Owners 2 times 50% of the Owner Payout will be initiated 20 days before check-in, with the balance initiated after check-in.

Why does OBO have a Cancellation Policy?

OBO isn’t like other STR platforms. We want to provide our Owners and Renters with absolute clarity and transparency throughout the process of Booking an Accommodation. Our Cancellation and Refund Policy places everything on the table so that all of our Users know when they will be responsible for cancellations.  

Can I list with OBO?

Sure! Check out our Listing Guidelines to make sure that your property(s) fit OBO criteria. If you offer access to outdoors pursuits, then you are in the right place.

What if I manage a whole portfolio I would like to list?

You might have noticed that our listings are a little different than standard STR sites. If you have multiple listings you would like to place on OBO, let us help curate the best listing possible. We have countless tools and many experts that can help show you your portfolio’s true potential.

Will OBO Sync calendaring and other features with other platforms?

OBO uses iCal syncing to match up with other platforms to prevent double booking. We also have some API integrations with popular Channel Managers and Property Management Softwares that will streamline the syncing process. And we’re adding more integrations as we grow!

What if I don’t know anything about the outdoor pursuits available around my Listing?

No Problem! Whether you don’t know the first thing about the outdoors or you just want a guiding hand, we are here to help. One of our experts can help you curate a Listing description that will accurately describe the opportunities in your area. 

Where are OBO’s Listings?

We’re currently primarily focused on Florida and Georgia markets, but will be expanding rapidly! If you have Listings in another market, shoot us a note, and we’ll advise you when we anticipate being in your area.

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