Is your rental uniquely situated near outdoor pursuits? At OBO, we market homes that are in close proximity to outdoor activities and appointed with amenities that help our renters enjoy nature. 

Is your listing lost in a sea of vacation rentals? Stand out from the crowd when we showcase your property to our exclusive network of outdoors enthusiasts of all kinds–who will treat your home like it’s their own.


We showcase short-term rental properties that put renters in close proximity to premiere outdoor opportunities.


We specialize in properties that have top notch outdoor amenities in great locations.


We market your unique property to our network of outdoors enthusiasts, who appreciate the uncommon.


Estimates show that over 90% of short-term rental stays occur between May and August. We’re here to help you balance the cyclical nature of bookings by targeting an audience that thrives in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. From fishing and hunting to hiking and biking, outdoor recreationists know that the cooler months bring on exciting opportunities for those seeking to avoid the summer crowds.


The demand for rural and suburban short term rentals has increased over 60% since 2020. Folks are trying to get away from city-scapes and get into the great outdoors. While we want to offer homes  in any market that provides outdoor opportunities, we see tremendous potential in providing owners with a “non-traditional” market to showcase more rural properties. From fishing cabins to views of sprawling night skies, let OBO put your home  in the spotlight!


Big players in the short-term rental market may claim to be upfront about their fees and pricing, but Owners and Renters on those platforms are often confused. OBO provides a breakdown of fees that is simple and doesn’t involve a mysterious “sliding scale.”  We want everyone to know exactly what we are charging, and we’ll never hide the ball.


Our passion for the outdoors drives every aspect of OBO, including our commitment to conservation. We want to help preserve the great outdoors for future generations. Every time someone books on OBO, we donate to conservation groups working on the front lines to keep the wild places wild. By listing your home on OBO, you are helping to preserve and protect the natural resources around you and make the outdoors more widely accessible.

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